The BoldBrush Show

Nic Thurman - Philosophically Painting

September 27, 2022 BoldBrush Season 1 Episode 20
The BoldBrush Show
Nic Thurman - Philosophically Painting
Show Notes

For this  episode, we sat down with Nic Thurman, a Kitsch painter who is very well known at this point on the BoldBrush page as having gone viral with his exquisite explanations on how to paint, how to do portraiture and how to do composition. On this episode we interview him all about his philosophy, we talk about how he teaches, his Patreon, as well as his really exciting upcoming workshop with a very great discount for BoldBrush listeners. And also, his amazing amount of content and he gives us some really great tips for people who are looking to grow their account in a very authentic way.

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